December 17, 2014: Lost Dog – Small World

One of our friends Cindy called on a weekend when one of her friends, Al, found a very large female pit bull on a very busy, main road by a shopping mall.  Al had his dog in his car with him so he asked a passerby to please stay with the pit bull (who he put his dog’s leash on) while he ran his dog home and came back.  Al and the other person were the only two people that stopped for this dog, dozens of cars drove right by.

As we know, many people can be afraid to approach a strange dog, many more can be afraid to approach a strange pit bull, not Al. It was pretty warm out so he rushed to a local shop and got this dog some water and called his friend Cindy!  Cindy in turn called me and I immediately went and met Al, what a lovely man.

Layla had a tag on which was somewhat unreadable, so she went home with me, what a nice dog she was and in very, very good shape.  You could tell she was missing her owners.  Upon checking the lost and found sites, there she was!!! She had rolled the back window down with her paw and at a light jumped out the window.  She then got spooked and ran and her owner could not find her anywhere.  Well, we ended up connecting and John and his girlfriend came out and picked her up with their other awesome extra large pit bull.  Come to find out John was a volunteer for the ACN many, many years ago.

Such a small world and it was a very happy ending.

Layla and her dog friend are both older, fixed and very much loved!!!!! They were both rescued many years ago from bad situations.

A big thanks to Al and Cindy for making this connection have a happy ending!

lost dog small world

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