December 15, 2014: Spay Neuter Assistance – Charity and Her Pets

The Animal Care Network is a very well known group in our target area and we are so thankful that so many people in the community know about us!!

Knowledge is power and the more people that we know about that need assistance, the better.

Someone had called us about Charity and said that she may need some help with her dogs and cat so we paid her a visit. A very nice gal with three awesome dogs and one lovely cat!! The animals all
live in the house and were well fed, they just needed to be fixed and vaccinated!!! Say no more!

Thanks to a grant from Best Friends Animal Society and your donations, we were able to get her two big dogs and her cat fixed and vaccinated! (The little Hurricane Katrina rescue dog was already spayed).

Charity sent us a note that says “You guys are wonderful, thank you so much, what a great program. Every city should have something like this!!”

spay and neuter charity and her pets


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