December 11, 2014: Outdoor Dogs

Since it is not illegal for dogs to live outside, in the backyard, chained up, the Animal Care Network volunteers can only attempt to educate and make the living arrangements  better, spay and neuter and  continue to do welfare checks.

This address was barely getting by the Michigan State law standards, the dogs had makeshift shelter and were being fed and watered.  A mother dog and two of her puppies, male and female, whom the owner would not surrender.

Our group offered to spay and neuter the dogs at no charge, before they started breeding amongst each other.  The owner was not interested and not open to this at all.  However, when times became tough and they needed help with food, they called with a change of heart.

ACN food assistance guidelines mandate that ALL dogs and cats at the household must be spayed and neutered.

All three dogs were fixed and given distemper/parvo boosters, we also gave them some new doghouses to replace the makeshift ones.

Sadly, these dogs will live outside regardless of what we do, but at least they are spayed and neutered, vaccinated and have better shelter.

Many people will say that we are enabling the owners, however we cannot take dogs and animal control cannot take them either if they are within the laws.  We NEVER condone dogs living outside and on
chains 24/7!

We will continue to monitor this address.
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Outdoor dogs

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