December 10, 2014: Dogs Being Dumped

The Animal Care Network is blessed to have volunteers that will respond anytime day or night to emergency rescue calls.  Late one night we received a call abouta black and white pit bull that was dumped out of a car at a local party store.  Thankfully Angie was able to locate the dog after driving around in a bad neighborhood for awhile.  She scooped up this

emaciated dog that was covered with wounds.  He was taken to a local shelter the next day where he will be very well cared for.

The next night, the exact same thing happened again but this time a kind Samaritan, Gene, picked up a very similar looking pit bull in the same condition in the same party store parking lot.  What is this a dumping ground for unwanted pit bulls?

Gene bonded with “Woodrow” and decided to keep him and called ACN to get him neutered and vaccinated!

Thanks to your donations, we were able to get this done for Gene for just $10.00.  Woodrow has gained fifteen pounds and is doing wonderful.  We assist his owners with food whenever they need the help.

We truly believe it is better to be dropped off at an animal shelter than dumped on the streets. Horrible things could have happened to these two dogs, should I say MORE horrible things. They had already been subjected to enough neglect and cruelty.

Dogs being Dumped

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