December 1, 2014: Dogs Being Taken Care Of

dogs being taken care ofSadly, in our target area, many of the dogs live outside, on chains, 24/7, so it is very nice to see some dogs that actually live in the house and interact with the family.

Here are some of our spay neuter alumni that we recently checked up on.

A vigilant mail carrier had told us about these dogs a couple years ago, one of the female’s had a litter of puppies and she asked us to stop and check on them.

The ACN touched base with the owner!  We made a deal where in exchange for giving us the ENTIRE litter of puppies, we would have the mom, dad and other female dog fixed and vaccinated at no charge.  That way the puppies were not passed out on the streets in a very HIGH PARVO neighborhood.

The puppies were all adopted out after being spayed and neutered themselves and all three adult dogs were fixed and vaccinated.  The owners rescued a pit bull mix from the streets recently and immediately called to get him fixed!

In this case, education worked and all the dogs ended up safe, happy and healthy.

(No the dogs didn’t jump out the window and the window has been fixed, not the best neighborhood in town)

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