December 1, 2014: ACN Food Assistance program Thanksgiving Eve

The Animal Care Network food assistance programkeeps us so, so busy!!  We receive over 100 calls every single week from pet owners that need help with dog and cat food!!!  Remember, we do not have a pick up location so our volunteers are out seven days a week trying to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible.  Lots of gas, lots of miles, lots of heavy lifting but very much appreciated by the community and the dogs and cats specially!!!

Remember…. our food assistance guidelines mandate that ALL pets in the household be spayed and neutered!!!  So imagine how many dogs and cats in our target community have been fixed through our program!!!

The volunteers were out the day before Thanksgiving to make sure that all the requests were taken care of before the holiday!!!  We also left extra treats, toys and even collars to brighten up the Thanksgiving spirit!!!

We even surprised some unsuspecting households!!!!

What fun it is to give, isn’t that what it is all about?

Acn food assistance program Thanksgiving Eve

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