August 27, 2014: Hanna

Hanna was tied to a tree in a vacant lot and left there.

Thankfully neighbors notice her after a few days, of course thinking that someone was coming back for her, yeah right!

The Animal Care Network was called to pick up this very emaciated dehydrated pit bull female, she looked like she had been bred many times. Sadly our experience shows that when backyard breeders get tired of their old dogs they either abandoned them or “let them go” and keep some of the puppies to continue the cycle. This is absolutely disgusting.

Hanna is doing very well, but we need a foster home for her immediately! She does not do well with other dogs or cats. She can also jump fences.

Please call Chris at 248-545-5055 if you are able to foster Hanna.

August 27 2014 Hanna

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