August 18, 2014: Bear

The Animal Care Network would like to thank everyone at the Michigan Humane Society Rochester Hills veterinary clinic for your patience with “Bear” who was neutered thanks to the free MHS pit bull sterilization program partnership with the ACN.  And yes “Bear” was definitely a bear.

Bear’s owner had no transportation so we picked the owner and Bear up very early in the morning for his neutering appointment.

Even though I brought the owner with me, Bear was a bit unruly and “not being such a nice guy”. The gals at the clinic dealt with him like real pros, with patience and understanding.

A huge thank you to all of you at the front desk, and to Eva and the veterinarian and everyone that has the patience and compassion to deal with a backyard, chained pit bull that may never see a veterinarian again.

Some may wonder if we are wasting our time getting dogs like Bear fixed, but we do not think so. One more large male pit bull that already has an attitude is worth it. It just takes one time for a male dog to get loose and impregnate many outdoor female dogs in the

To those that think we should rescue Bear, the owner’s will not give him up and the least we can do it get him fixed and vaccinated.

We have checked on Bear since his surgery and will continue to do so!

Many thanks MHS!

August 18 2014 Bear

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