April 25, 2014: Transport for Spay/Neuter Clinics

Another big thank you to Dawn and Sue for being involved in the transport team for the monthly Michigan Animal Adoption Network/Animal Care Network, Michigan Animal Rescue League, All About Animals spay neuter clinics.

Getting up at 5:00 am in the morning is just not an issue for us gals, when it involves spay and neuter!

Many of the pet owners do not have transportation, so Animal Care Network offers transport to the All About Animals Auburn Road clinic.

This involves getting up very early and picking up multiple cats and dogs at multiple addresses and having them to the clinic by 7:30 am. Cages also need to be cleaned and sterilized before and after each clinic to ensure healthy and safety for each and every dog and cat.

The dogs and cats are then transported on the All About Animals transport vehicle to their Warren clinic where they have their surgery and spend the night to recover.

We then pick the animals up the next morning, get them checked out and loaded back up and then they are delivered back to each household with paperwork and instructions.

This is a extremely busy two days, but worth every minute of it and every tank of gas!!!

April 25 2014 We Provide Transportation To Spay

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