April 24, 2014: Thank You for Dave Coleman and all his hard work!

Let’s give a big round of applause to our dear friend and fellow humanitarian Dave Coleman of Centerstage and QTMC (Quest to Make Change).

Dave has spent the last 20 years serving the Pontiac community. He works non-stop, tirelessly every single day to help the less fortunate, the lonely, the sick and the poor. Dave never turn’s his back on anyone in trouble.

He has been a fixture in this community for years and has NEVER turned his back on someone that needs help!

His list of accomplishments, awards is astounding even though none of that matters to him, what matters to him is helping others and having a giving heart and soul.

Dave has struggled over the years to continue his mission and has overcome many hurdles, ALWAYS with a smile on his face, never willing to give up no matter what!

These are words from Dave about his mission: “We merely noticed a need and have always strived to handle it in the most Christian way possible. It has always been a monumental financial challenge to cover overwhelming expenses, and our charity has always operated in a deficit. Nevertheless, I recognize that God has uniquely positioned us in this building,
at this time and equipped me with the spiritual skills, the work skills, the business skills, life’s skills and perseverance, and the heart of Christ to strive to be His most humble servant, in order to serve the groups of people that seem to have a “special place in God’s heart”. Kind treatment/works towards the poor, homeless, needy, maimed, lame, imprisoned, blind, afflicted, sick, aliens, fatherless and widows, is mentioned more than 200 times in the Bible if you google the word poor”

He is simply amazing and we should all take a page from this hero’s book and follow it. Wouldn’t the world then be a better place!!!

We love you Dave Coleman!!!

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