April 21, 2014: Unadoptables

Unfortunately in our target areas, many of the dogs and cats that we encounter or rescue are not able to be adopted out or rehabilitated. This may be due to serious illness, health or serious temperament problems.

ACN not only responds to the adoptable animals, but we often respond to the “unadoptable” ones. We will not walk away from any animal regardless of the situation, the health or the temperament. We take this work very seriously and our hearts are broken on a regular basis. For these cases we are blessed to work with compassionate veterinarians and compassionate local animal shelters and we respect their opinion and expertise.

We must not only tell the good and happy stories, we have to also tell the heartbreaking and tragic stories because these animals deserve it and sadly this is what we deal with in the rescue world. This is reality and we remember each and every one of them. There may even be more sad stories than there are happy ones in the areas in which we focus.

Here are three of those sad stories:

Smokey the cat had a couch dropped on him and suffered from a broken back, he had been like this for a few days.

Mama became very ill and as you can see became totally jaundiced and her organs were shutting down.

Roxy was suffering from an unknown virus and with no money for the veterinarian was barely able to walk, would no longer eat and was declining quickly.

All three of these animals had to be humanely euthanized at local animal shelters. Many people are quick to criticize animal shelters, but the Animal Care Network very much appreciates all their hard work, compassion and willingness to help in situations like these. After all when animals are suffering someone has to do the dirty work don’t they?

Unfortunately life is not fair and the most humane thing for some of these poor animals is to be humanely euthanized with someone who cares by their side.

The least that we can do for these dogs and cats is relieve their
suffering and stay by their side until the end.

April 21 2014 PicMonkey Collage

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