April 12, 2014: Thank You to All About Animals for Hosting Spring Vaccine Clinic

A big thank you to everyone at All About Animals for hosting the Spring Pontiac vaccination clinic!

Also thanks to Dave Coleman at the Centerstage and Oakland county Animal Control for coming out to sell dog licenses.

Also thanks to Michigan Animal Rescue League for donating many items and treats for the free table. Just an added bonus for the pet owners!

791 dogs and cats were vaccinated!

A big thank you to Sue and Dawn that ran courier service all day to pick up pet owners that had no transportation. Great job and much patience on your part! If not for you two these dogs and cats would have never made it to the clinic.

Also a thank you to all the volunteers that showed up to help and to Karen and Doug Doyle from Hungry Howie’s who faithfully delivered lunch for everyone!

Lots of people signed up for spay and neuter too!!!!

Lots of hard work and teamwork for a very great day!

2014 april vac clinic PicMonkey Collage

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