December 31, 2014: Kathy and Heather Rescue

On a routine ACN run, Kathy and Heather ran into an address which had three very skinny dogs. They were only able to rescue one of the dogs in the worst shape, Ruby.

This was not an easy task, but they did not give up and we are grateful for their art of persuasion.

The ACN is working closely with our friends at Oakland County Animal Control on this situation and the remaining two dogs.

Ruby however, was nursed back to health in a foster home where she thrived and gained back half of her body weight.

After being fostered through our “parvo watch”, vaccinated and spayed she was adopted into a warm and wonderful home where she will never miss a meal again.

We will never understand why people have dogs if they are not going to feed, take care of and love them.  That is the million dollar  “unanswered” question.  We just have to do the best that we can to rescue them, educate the owner and improve the conditions for the ones we have to leave behind.

Great job ladies!kathy and heather rescue


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