September 19, 2013: Animal Care Network Interaction

Our ACN volunteers are exceptional and experienced when interacting with the backyard dogs that we come in contact with.

Many of the dogs may be called aggressive, vicious or violent by the owners because they don’t want the dogs to be friendly or like a stranger, but we know better. We still try and succeed.

Interacting with the dogs is by far the easier part of the job. Interacting with the owners is not always so easy, knocking at the door, not knowing how you will be received, approaching a big gang of people, not knowing who lives there, offending someone, perhaps interferring with someone breaking the law,etc.

The ACN volunteers have been gifted with interaction with the animals, the owners and the community. These guys and gals are simply amazing, brave and do not give up easily.

As all of us in rescue and animal welfare know, you have to have the gift of gab, patience and the ability to communicate when things are not going our way………..

September 19, 2013 PicMonkey Collage


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