October 4, 2013: Other Rescues

The ACN never says no to any type of rescue call in our target areas and will try and help any type of animal, bird, turtle, wildlife, whatever we can do to help.

Sometimes the endings are successful, sometimes not.

This baby owl was found in an alley alone and was taken by a citizen that was worried about him. The team rescued him and was able to get him into a wildlife rehab facility. Isn’t he adorable.

The owner’s wanted this poor little ferret picked up immediately because he was starting to look sick, we asked starting to? He was so infested with fleas all his hair had fallen out and was not being fed a proper ferret diet and was emaciated. Unfortunately he had to be humanely euthanized due to the severity of his condition. It was so sad because he had such a neat little personality.

If you are planning on getting a ferret, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, bird, etc, please make sure you are committed and equipped to care for these types of animals properly. They are all very cute but require the appropriate care and medical treatment just like dogs and cats.

If you are going to help wildlife please consult with a veterinarian, animal shelter or wildlife expert before doing so. These little creatures also require special care.

October 4 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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