October 11, 2013: Spay Neuter Pontiac Transport with All About Animals

Wow, what a great week for spay and neuter!

The Animal Care Network planned a Pontiac specific spay neuter transport with All About Animals on October 1st and guess how many dogs and cats we got fixed??? 40!

Yes, 40 dogs and cats from Pontiac were booked in to the Auburn Hills All About Animals location, then safely transported in the state of the art transport vehicle to the Warren clinic to have their surgeries. The animals spent the night and then were transported back to Auburn Hills the next morning. These dogs and cats were in very good hands during their stay at All About Animals.

We had been planning this transport for a month and were a little concerned that some people would not show up, but we only had ONE no show! Some of the pet owners drove their cats and dogs to the clinic, but for those that did not have transportation, ACN provided it. A couple of us got up at 5:00 am to pick up animals and make this happen!!

The majority of these cats and dogs were spayed and neutered at no charge through the ACN spay neuter grant programs. Some even received vaccines that were needed.

This was a major accomplishment for the ACN and we are very excited and proud of this. This is also a great, positive sign about the high demand for spay and neuter in our target area thanks to our awesome volunteers and people spreading the word about our programs!

A big thank you to everyone at All About Animals at Auburn Hills and Warren and their great transport driver Bill. We are greatly appreciative for this opportunity and are looking forward to the next Pontiac specific transport!

October 11 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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