November 5, 2013: Another Successful Pontiac Transport with All About Animals

Well we did it again!

Another successful Pontiac spay neuter transport with All About Animals was accomplished on November 4th! Another 40 dogs and cats were spayed neutered, vaccinated and even got their nails trimmed!

We are also partnering with the Michigan Animal Rescue league to get even more dogs and cats fixed in the surrounding community!

This is such a big accomplishment to get all of these dogs and cats spayed and neutered in one day. These dogs and cats are transported in the state of the art “transport van” from Auburn Hills to Warren and get amazing care at the All About Animals clinic in Warren. They also get to spend the night to recover and are safely transported back to Auburn Hills the following morning.

Here are some great photos of the day.

We are looking forward to doing this event once a month to better keep up with the high demand for spay and neuter in Pontiac.

Every single dog and cat that is fixed, dog or cat, male or female, young or old, helps to achieve everyone’s goal of “No more homeless pets”.

All of us at the Animal Care Network are proud to be a part of the solution,not a part of the problem!!!

Thanks All About Animals and Michigan Animal Rescue League.
Together Everyone Accomplished More!!!!

November 5 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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