November 3, 2013: The Community

As much sadness, abuse and neglect that we must witness on a regular basis, it is so nice to have some nice, caring and good pet owners in our target areas.

Meet Tonya and her crew! The ACN has known Tonya for many years, she has had to move multiple times and she ALWAYS takes her dogs and cats with her no matter what. Many pet owners will instantly give their pets up when they have to move, not Tonya. We all deal with hurdles and struggles in our lives and things are not always good, but we hope that during these times, people with think of their dogs and cats as family.

Tonya treats Bullett, Queen, Mittens, and George as family, they live in the house, are all spayed and neutered and come to the vaccine clinics every year. She promotes spay and neuter and refers all of her friends and family to the Animal Care Network to get their pets fixed.

She rescued “George” the one-eyed cat from the streets and had him fixed right away, as you can see in the picture she says Bullet and Queen (her dogs) are George’s bodyguards. They hang out, sleep together and are buddies.

Tonya and her family members and friends volunteered all day at our last vaccine clinic and were a huge help. She also keeps her eyes out for any animals that may need help.

It is so nice to have people like this in the community, in a world that is not always so nice!

Thank you Tonya and friends!

November 3 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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