November 27, 2013: Donated Doghouses and Preparation for Winter

A huge thank you to Betsy Barnes for donating 10 brand new doghouses for outdoor dogs in our target area!!!

This is a huge help to provide the poor dogs with adequate shelter in these very frigid temperatures.

We try very hard to convince owners to bring their dogs inside, but sadly this just does not happen, so we must make it as comfortable as possible for them.

Poor Chuckie was already holding his little paws up from the cold, terribly sad to see.
Good thing we stopped to check on Mack because his doghouse had been damage when a tree fell on it during the wind storm. We provided him with a new one on a pallet stuffed with straw.

The poor Shepherd Mix had tipped his house over and was shivering next to it, we drilled it on a pallet and filled it with straw. He was very fearful at first but after a nice bowl of
food and water, he was all over Frankie!

Scooby and Susie are out for their daily walk, all bundled up with their owners. They were both fixed through the spay neuter program and we assist John with food when he needs help!

In our target area we go from one extreme to the other with pet owners…..the dogs that are left outside and then the ones that are dressed warm up before they go on their walks.

November 27 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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