November 26, 2013: Animal Care Network Winter Weekend

Well Team Marie, John and Marcella hit the streets for their ACN weekend on Sunday, bundled up for the below freezing temperatures and nasty wind.

They visited 31 addresses and helped dozens of outdoor dogs. Dogs that were definitely happy to see the team. Here are some of the faces they encountered.

Doghouses were stuffed with straw, big bowls of food and fresh bowls of water were given at every address. Out of the 31 addresses that were visited only 8 of them had the dogs inside.

If the owners were home they were asked to bring the dogs inside during these cold days. Many owners would not answer the door or come outside.

In our continued effort to educate pet owners educational/information packets are left at every address with cold weather tips, spay and neuter information, local vaccine clinic information and our information and guidelines.

As much as we want to see these dogs inside, reality and experience shows this is just not going to happen, so we must make these dogs as warm, comfortable and happy for the time being. And when we walk away we know that we have done our best to make them better, if only for a moment. We have told the owners about the dangers of this extreme weather and have left them information that does the same.

We continue to send out press releases regularly on the cold weather and pets, mainly outdoor animals. We appreciate the Oakland Press and the Patch for running these weather alerts faithfully for the animals.

Great job team!

November 26 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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