November 19, 2013: Helping During the Saddest Time of Need

In our target area, many people call upon the Animal Care Network for help for all kinds of situations, some calls are easy, some are not so easy.

One of the most difficult calls is when someone has to put their beloved dog or cat to sleep, but has no money, no transportation, no means to give their pet a dignified peaceful humane departure from this earth.

Our group helps these families with everything else, food, spay neuter, vaccines, doghouses, straw, advice, transportation…. what kind of group would we be if we did not help them with the most difficult decision of all….a decision that we ALL have to make for our pets. It is sad and heartbreaking for the animal and for the owners. It is tragic, depressing and very emotional to witness these owners saying goodbye to their senior pets that are failing in health. Frankly, many people are not emotionally strong enough to do this difficult task alone.

We have known many of these families for over 20 years, and for those that simply cannot bring themselves to take their animals in or don’t have the money, this gesture shows that
we are trusted in the community. Sadly last month we lost three of “our” senior dogs and cats, but boy did they have a good, long life.

Let us remember

Sugar – 10 years old – owned and loved by Candy
Sadie – 16 years old – owned and loved by Todd and Angie
Mittens – 12 years old – owned and loved by Frank

November 19 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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