November 17, 2013: Brindle and Sophie

Back in July we told the story about Carol and Lavonne and the loss of their beloved dog Freckle Sue due to health reasons.

Freckle Sue made Carol and Lavonne’s life better and we knew that it wouldn’t be long until their hearts opened up to another dog.

Well their hearts are bigger than we thought because in September they rescued two puppies from very bad situations, Brindle and Sophie.  Both dogs were being mistreated, neglected and Brindle was skin and bones and very anti-social and afraid. After nursing them back to health and building Brindle’s confidence these two awesome female puppies were spayed and vaccinated through the ACN program. They also came to our October
vaccine clinic to get their booster shots so they do not get sick!

Lavonne just happened to be at the right place at the right time and knew these two girls needed help! Freckle Sue would be proud and happy that you guys gave these two dogs a much needed loving home.

These are the kind of people in the community that we just love, stories like these warm our hearts and make a often difficult job a little easier.

When you lose a beloved pet, you may not be looking for another, but the ones that come along when you least expect it can make some pretty wonderful pets.

Thanks Carol and Lavonne for opening up your hearts and home to Brindle and Sophie!

NOvember 17 2013 PicMonkey Collage


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