November 11, 2013: Animal Care Weekend Teams

Meet Team Marie, John, Marcella and Andrea! Just one of the amazing teams that hits
the streets for a full day Animal Care Network run at least once a month.

This is what a full days consists of:

Meeting at the storage unit first thing in the morning and loading up the vehicles
with doghouses, pallets, drills, straw, food, bowls, water, cages, carriers, treats, collars
leashes and pamphlets and literature. These guys are prepared for a full days work
which is very taxing, physically and emotionally.

The team works off of a list that is compiled during the week of addresses “by request”
from the owners, from utility workers, mail carriers, neighbors and concerned citizens.
Many of the addresses are noticed on prior runs and noted to be checked for the next
team if they are not crucial. The list usually consists of 30 addresses and the team
ALWAYS finishes the list, rain or shine, dark or light! The list is mapped out and off
they go!

Every address is left with a pamphlet which includes educational information on
spay neuter, free and low-cost spay neuter flyers including any specials that we
are offering, local veterinarian and low cost vaccine clinic information, weather tips,
ACN guidelines, educational information on the parvovirus and low-cost grooming

Every single dog and cat is checked and the team speaks with the owner about
spay neuter and any issues that may be going on at the time and offers any assistance

Dog and cats that are unwanted are rescued by the team and any found abandoned
or running the streets are also rescued. Each animal is either taken to a local shelter,
foster home, rescue group or emergency clinic depending on the situation. Every situation
is different and every animal is different. Many of them are injured and sick, some are not,
some are starved, neglected and abused. Some the owners just cannot keep any longer
due to living arrangements, financial, incarceration, home loss, job loss, health, etc.

Every dog in the backyard is checked on, given straw, food and fresh water. The collars are checked and the situation is improved for the animal to the best of our ability. Many times, the team is the only one that has the best interest of the animal in mind. Many times we walk away saddened and feeling helpless that we cannot do more.

Broken and leaky doghouses are repaired and drilled onto wooden pallets. Addresses that are more serious and are beyond our authority are reported to Oakland County
Animal Control who is doing a great job and are always quick and willing to respond! This is a great partnership to have and is a welcome improvement since they stepped in over three years ago!!

At the end of the day the team wraps it up, paperwork is done for every visit that was made and any follow up or reporting is noted on the daily activity worksheet.
Everyday is different and we never know what the day may bring……….

The team finds placement, temporary or permanent for all animals rescued, the vehicles are unloaded and cleaned out and the storage unit is cleaned up before locking up for the day.

The team heads home, drained physically and mentally, most often with thoughts of the animals that affected them most that day, many times with heavy hearts that are filled with worry, yet at the same time feeling good about trying to improve situations for many, if even only for a moment.

Some volunteers will sleep that night (only from exhaustion) some may not sleep at all.

Until the next Animal Care Network run………………………….

Thank you team!November 11 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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