May 6, 2013: Hard Day’s Work

Isn’t it nice to come home after a long days work?

It is, especially after having to witness abuse and cruelty nearly every day, not only with animals but also the people in our target areas. Sometimes when you get home, those areas seem so, so far away, seems like you were in a different world for the day. Sometimes it just takes your breath away and overwhelms you.

This past weekend on the ACN run, the volunteers witnessed a gang fight, people going after each other with bats and I am quite sure guns. They had to call 911 immediately, it was out of control. People screaming and yelling at each other, homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk, people stumbling
down the road, barely able to walk. A man in the parking lot of a gas station putting his clothes on. Burned down houses and boarded up houses with the boards kicked in, trash strewn about everywhere. Dogs and cats languishing in backyards and abandoned houses, hoping that someone will help them,
hoping that we will find them.

Stopping at houses to check on animals where the owners are so aggressive the team has to leave immediately for safety reasons.

When you finally get home, you breath a sigh of relief and realize how blessed and thankful you are for what you have. Then you can notice and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in quiet and peace.

Here are some of the sights of this past beautiful spring weekend. The birds are all over, the male ducks patiently lets the female duck eat and drink first (what a gentlemen he is!), the Goldfinch stops for a drink of water at the birdbath, the male Cardinal is feeding the female Cardinal, two wild turkeys taking a stroll down the sidewalk, a beautiful sighting of a Rose Breasted Grosbeak, the Baltimore Orioles flying above, the gorgeous sky and so much more.

What a crazy weekend in one world, and a peaceful weekend in the other!


May 6 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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