May 27, 2013: Disturbing Animal Care Network call

This happened about a month ago and its very sad. Unfortunately our volunteers encounter awful things like this every day in Pontiac and Inkster. Your donations go towards trying to stop these things from happening – education, spaying/neutering and rescue.

Please read:

While loading up and preparing for the vaccination clinic the ACN received a call about a dog hanging around a local house that very bad and may have been hit by a car, the caller lived on a main road. Since we were only down the street we responded within minutes.

Upon arrival we could not find a dog running loose anywhere, but we saw several piles of vomit on the sidewalk. We talked to the caller and they said to check in the backyard next door.

This is what we found in the backyard next door………

I cannot tell you how sick and disturbed we were. We go to help a hurt adult dog that we cannot locate and we find a dead young puppy chained up to a cinder block recently attacked (or so it appeared). His body was covered with fresh huge wounds, and his
living conditions were disgusting as well.

Upon this discovery, animal control was called and responded  immediately to investigate. The adult stray dog was never located.

We cannot imagine what this poor puppy went through before and after his brutal death. Unfortunately many puppies that we find are already living on a chain at a very young age
with no shelter, no food and no water, vulnerable to the elements and these types of attacks.

What a horrible way to start out and end a puppy’s life. He is at peace now and doesn’t have to suffer his entire life at the end of a chain.

May 27 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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