May 24, 2013: Abandoned cats

It is very important for the ACN to check abandoned and boarded up building and houses for cats and dogs. Unfortunately many times people just leave the animals behind, put the cats outside, or leave the dogs chained up in the backyard.

This complex was partially boarded up and the ACN received two calls from management about cats left behind.

We were able to rescue this mom and kittens who were still waiting by the door of the apartment that they lived in, foraging for food and also another badly injured cat that had been attacked. The mom and kittens were seeking shelter in a rolled up piece of carpeting.

All were rescued and we were able to get them into a local rescue group.

Please do not leave your pets behinds, call someone or take them to a local shelter or rescue group. Thankfully the manager stepped in and called for help.

May 24 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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