March 6, 2013: Parvovirus

The parvo virus is not only rampant in the summer, it is year round in our target areas and is rearing it’s ugly head too much recently.

Please get your puppies and dogs vaccinated and follow the vaccine protocol that the veterinarian or clinic gives you! Not only have we picked up dying young puppies, but older puppies that had never been vaccinated. By the time the ACN is called, it is too late.

There are low-cost clinics all over now, so there is no excuse to get a dog or cat and not get them vaccinated. Isn’t it worth the low price for vaccines to save your dog’s life rather than the high price to get a sick animal treated or have euthanized after suffering greatly?

Information on parvovirus:

March 6 2013 parvo PicMonkey Collage

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