March 5, 2013: Food assistance program – the deserving

The Animal Care Network program can be very frustrating and overwhelming at
times for volunteers. Many times just when we think we are making a difference
we get knocked back down with twice as many bad situations. But we get back up
for the animals.

We try to limit our food assistance program to animals that are spayed and neutered,
this gives many families the initiative to get their pets fixed and it works!!
We also try to encourage all owners to keep their pets indoors, current on vaccines,
healthy and social.

Here are some delightful pet owners with senior animals that have been spayed and
neutered through the program.

Kim (with the little dog) apologized for bothering us, but was having a difficult
month financially and really needed help with dog food. This little dog has personality plus
and his owner is delightful too! She was so appreciative for the help I thought
she was going to cry.

Candy has had Sugar for over 6 years, Sugar looked terrible when we
had her spayed, her skin was bad and hair was falling out, look at her now!!
She looks amazing. Sugar lives inside and gets walked every day. It is hard
to get away from Candy without a hug.

Rowdy the Rottweiler is one of the nicest Rottweilers you could ever meet, he loves
everyone! This family wasn’t a big fan of spay neuter when we met them many years
ago, but now all of their dogs and cats and their neighbors dogs and cats are fixed!
Whenever they call for help with food, everyone is at the door to greet us and carry
the food!

We love these guys!.

March 5 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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