March 4, 2013: For the cats

Meet Arnold, one of our favorite cat guys, Channel 4 even called him the CatMan in a television segment that was done last year.

Arnold lives in a pretty bad area, famous for stray cats and for people moving and leaving their cats behind.  He is making a huge difference in his neighborhood!

The ACN has helped Arnold get dozens of cats spayed and neutered and he brings them to our vaccine clinics to make sure they are vaccinated.  He has also had over thirty cats from the neighborhood fixed with help from All About Animals and the Oakcats program

Arnold has provided shelter and food for these cats for many, many years.  A safe haven in a very dark area.  He has shelter set up in his garage and on his front porch with doghouses and cat boxes filled with straw and feeding stations.  Many of the cats that
started out wild are now living inside his extremely clean, well kept house!

Arnold is another kindred spirit that had made the cat problem “his cause”, even while battling with cancer.  He feels that God has called him to help these animals and he is committed to them as long as he is able!

March 4 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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