March 18, 2013: Thank you again to a great Scout

A little while back a great Scout donated his time and resources to help some of the outside dogs in Pontiac. Below is a nice letter that our Animal Care Network Manager, Pam, wrote to him.

We also want to thank our friends and volunteers at Corporate Auto Resources, Ronnie Dahl, the Oakland Press and the West Bloomfield Beacon for covering this story!

Dear Jacob, Scout members, family and friends:

We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for building the wooden doghouses and donating them to the Animal Care Network program. This was a great help to our program and more importantly, the less fortunate animals in the community that we care for.

Thank you also for accompanying us on our first five delivered.  We all had a great day that Saturday and are so glad you and your family could join us! As you know all the families and the dogs were thrilled and so appreciative to receive such a great gift.

This was definitely a very rewarding experience for our organization and hope that you and your family feel the same!!

These dogs and cats have come to depend on us and we truly believe that we make life a little bit easier for them.

Again, thank you for your contribution, your support and thank you for sharing our concern for animals. Hopefully our paths will cross again someday!


Pam Porteous, 248-678-2756
Animal Care Network Manager

JACOB THOMA certificate of appreciation

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