March 15, 2013: Linus and Lucy rescued at last

The ACN had been checking on Linus and Lucy for nearly a year, the teams were never
happy with the situation, hence the return visits. The owners claimed to love these
dogs dearly, but every time the address was visited the dogs were extremely tangled up
to the point they could not move, extremely underweight and always very, very thirsty,
both in extremely hot and cold weather. The volunteers repeatedly tried to get the
owners to surrender the dogs but they would not give them up. Why? We do not know the
answer to that question and we never will.

This was totally one of those maddening, frustrating situations.

Upon the last visit, Linus and Lucy were actually stuck together (as you can see in the
photograph) by the chain around their necks and were choking. They could not move, could not reach their doghouses or bowls (not that there was anything in the bowls). This was extremely concerning to us due to the freezing temperatures, so we talked and talked and talked to the owners for days, before finally receiving a phone call to come and pick up the dogs.

Our volunteer Kathy immediately went and picked the dogs up, she said they both jumped
in her vehicle and sat next to each other, like “let’s go”! We were able to get them
into the Michigan Animal Rescue League where they are doing well and are now up for adoption.

The ACN persistence finally paid off for these two spaniel/collie mixes.

Linus and Lucy pic monkey

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