March 12, 2013: ACN doghouse delivery

Many people call the ACN asking for a doghouse for a dog with no shelter, or to replace a doghouse that is broken or not adequate.

The ACN will deliver doghouses, under the condition that the dog gets fixed first. We provide financial assistance for this as well as transportation so their can be “no excuses”.

As you all know, the ACN does not like these dogs living outside 24/7 but reality is, a lot of them do, so we have to deal with that. As much as we educate and persuade these dogs will continue to live outside.

Diamond’s owner wanted a new doghouse, so they agreed to get her spayed first, which we did. Diamond recovered at the vet for a few days and then went home and her new doghouse was delivered (built by the Boy Scouts).

Look at the difference. We also stuffed the doghouses with straw and left food and new collars.

The ACN will continue to check on these dogs.

March 12 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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