June 9, 2013: ACN Spay and Neuter Persistance

One thing about the ACN is, we don’t give up easily, we don’t go away and we do amazing follow up!!

Here are a few situations we did not give up on and assisted with through our spay neuter program!

In February we attempted to get a female Chihuahua spayed, however when she was brought to the vet for surgery, she was in terrible shape, barely a pound, you could see every bone. The vet looked at her and the owner was told she needed to gain weight in order to be fixed. The teams checked up on this dog for the next three months with good results and helping with good quality puppy food. She and their male dog were fixed last week and did great!

In October we met Roy and Debo, Roy wasn’t very receptive about getting Debo neutered. His last dog had died of parvo and we urged him to please get him to the vet to get the shots started. Ray was informed we could not continue to help him with food unless he was vaccinated and neutered. He would not give Debo up either. Well last month we heard from Roy, who still hadn’t been able to afford to get the shots, he said that he wanted “his son” to stay healthy so he changed his mind about our offer. We are happy to announce that Debo is now vaccinated and neutered and is one of the nicest pit bulls that we know! Great decision Roy!!

In March, Patricia contacted the ACN about getting her pit bull Chewy fixed but we were unable to get in touch with her when it was time for the appointment. The team stopped several times to get in touch with her, leaving information about spay and neuter.
Well……….Chewy is now also neutered and is another amazing pit bull!

Thanks to all of these owners for getting their animals spayed and neutered and thanks to all of the ACN volunteers for not giving up and for continuing to be patient and follow up with the owners!!!

These stories are definitely worth it!

June 9 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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