June 23, 2013: Brutal Weekend for Animal Care Network teams

Well, summer is here and these days are brutal on the outdoor animals and the teams. This past weekend the team made over 60 stops rescuing dogs and cats, making sure dogs had water, distributing flies-off to owners, doing wellness checks and offering spay and neuter!
Some of the cats when rescued drank water like a dog, they were so hot.  The teams come prepared, bringing cool water in jugs, knowing that people will not be home and the spigots on the outside normally do not work.

Sad to say out of all the stops, NOT ONE backyard dog had fresh water.  The flies are out in full force and literally beginning to eat these dogs alive. We had to actually push the flies off the ears and bodies of the dogs. They can make the dogs go crazy, it is absolutely terrible to see these poor dogs spinning, shaking and biting to get the flies off.

The teams witnessed dogs being walked that were so hot, they could no longer walk. We had to pour water on the dogs, scold the owners and get them home immediately.

The ACN sent out a press release to inform the public of how hard this hot weather is on pets. Animal Control was also notified of the addresses of concern.

This is only the beginning of a long hot summer!PONTIAC 6-23-13 2

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