June 2, 2013: ACN Old Timers

The ACN has been established since 1994 in the same communities, we know many of the families and dogs for many, many years.

This past week, we ran into a few old timers, Diamond and Zowie and their owners.

Both of these older female dogs were spayed many years ago after they both developed terrible, life threatening uterus infections (pyometra) that would have killed them.

Zowie was spayed in 2004 and is now 12 years old, this story is twofold. Zowie’s owner Kim has since died tragically, but Zowie remains in the family. It is refreshing and touching to see family member step up and keep a beloved pet for one of their lost loved ones.

Diamond was spayed in 2009 when she was nearly 10 years old and she is still doing great, just getting a little deaf and slow.

It was really great to see these two great, older dogs and their owners who truly care about and love them like family members.

Having these dogs spayed helped them live a longer, healthier life, one which would have been cut short had this not been done.

Not only is it good to spay and neuter your pets to stop the pet overpopulation problem, but it also truly helps with health and behavior issues down the road!!!!

People ask “how old is too old to spay or neuter my pet?”  Dogs and cats can be fixed at any time during their life span.  A veterinarian can address any concerns there might be about performing the procedure on an older pet.



June 2 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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