June 12, 2013: A sad story

We never know when things will take a negative turn for pet owners in our target areas, hence the need for follow up visits.

Many times, we will check one day and they will look great and be fine, but the next time the dogs are starving and not fine. This is one of those situations.

ACN noticed these two dogs in a yard and stopped multiple times to check on them. The team was told that they didn’t need anything. The dogs did look okay at that point. Several months later the ACN received a call that they didn’t want the dogs anymore and needed them picked up.

To our horror, things had changed dramatically. These two male, unneutered dogs were locked in a large crate together in the basement. They had lost a major amount of weight, the cage was completely filled with urine and feces and they had been fighting, the smaller dog had bite marks and his face was swollen.

After getting them out of the crate one by one, we were covered in urine and wet feces. As thin as they were, the only wanted water at first, who knows how long it had been since they ate and drank. It was very sad and disturbing.

Attached are photos of what they used to look like and what they looked like when we picked them up.

We just do not understand this. If you cannot care for the pets, please ask for help, it is available. If you cannot care for your pets, please take them to a local shelter or contact a rescue group.

June 12 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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