July 8, 2013: Parvo 2013

The canine parvovirus is rearing it’s ugly head more than ever during these hot months. Many of these poor dogs and puppies do not stand a chance, to begin with they are not fed and watered properly. Not only are we getting calls about sick puppies, we are also getting calls about unvaccinated adult dogs exhibiting symptoms and dying from it. More times than not, the owners have waited several days to do anything about it, then it is too late.

Wouldn’t you rather spend a little money at all of the available low-cost clinics, than spend a thousand dollars at emergency or worse, watch your puppy or dog die a horrible death at home.

Once the ACN is called, it is normally too late and all that we can do is have these poor dogs humanely euthanized and stop their suffering.

Here a just a few of the heartbreaking situations. One of these puppies was even taken to the vet by the owner, but it was so long after the symptoms started, the puppy did not respond to treatment and his condition declined.

Similar to everything else that the ACN does, we try to educate the community, pass out literature and alert the media about this.

Please get your puppies and dogs vaccinated and follow your veterinarian vaccine protocol to avoid this terrible virus. Why would anyone want their dog to go through this? Why would anyone want to witness this?

Resources for low-cost vaccinations:

Facts about the parvovirus:

July 8 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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