July 25, 2013: Time to Say Goodbye – Written by Pam

There are many times when we at the Animal Care Network have to help pet owners have their dogs and cats put to sleep because they do not have the resources, the animal is suffering, etc.

There is a huge difference between many owners, the ones that do not want their pet to suffer anymore and the ones that wait too long, and the animal has been left to suffer for without proper care and medical treatment.

Bear and Pepper’s owners waited way too long before calling anyone for help. By the time ACN got the call and responded, the dogs were in horrible condition, neither could walk, would not eat and hadn’t had water in days. They were both left outside in bad weather. These two older guys were humanely euthanized with loving hands and loving hearts. They had suffered long enough and that was confirmed by one of our veterinarians.

The amazing Freckle Sue is on the other spectrum of this story. ACN had Freckles Sue spayed back in 2007 for Carol and Lavonne, who adored this awesome, unique dog. Freckle Sue was a sharpei – pit bull mix with more spots that we had ever seen. She was awesome since the first time I met met her as a puppy. The ACN helped Carol and Lavonne over the years and they came to our vaccination clinics every year.

Freckles became ill several months ago and they took her to the vet, spent all their money. Freckle Sue was sent home after some tests, with medication and seemed to do better for a little while.

Then last month, she became ill again, each day got weaker and was completely unable to walk or go to the bathroom and had stopped eating.

They again took her to the vet where they tried another course of treatment which unfortunately did not work. Freckles was always overweight so that did not help matters. The vet said she would need surgery which may or may not help and there were several different issues going on.

After talking with the vet, family and friends, Carol and Lavonne decided they could not watch Freckle suffer any longer, she had been such a good dog for them, a perfect dog. Freckles was nearly nine years old. Freckle Sue always greeted me with a smile and a wagging tail and absolutely loved me and everyone she ever met.

This was another one of the saddest, excruciating heartbreaking moments of my days. When I got there, Freckle lifted up her head and smiled at me and tried to drag herself towards me.

We carried her to the rescue van and took her to the vet and had her humanely euthanized and we loved and kissed her and everyone cried.

Absolutely heartbreaking, the first story you have the owners that did not care at all and then you have Freckles whom was loved more than most.

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