July 15, 2013: 1st Annual Cindy’s Wings Pontiac Animal Care Network run.

Wow! What a day! Cindy Merz would be proud!

The Animal Care Network had five teams out on the streets of Pontiac on Monday 7/15/13 in honor of the birthday of our friend and volunteer Cindy Merz whom we sadly lost to cancer on 7/3/13.

Sixteen family members, friends and volunteers gathered together to make this tribute to Cindy happen. The ACN project was very near and dear to Cindy’s heart and she took it very seriously. Even when she was sick, it made her feel better to be out and as she said many times “it keeps me going”.

Well all of us want to keep it going in Cindy’s memory and for the animals and the community.

This was an incredible day, out from 11:00 a.m. to nearly 7:00 pm in over 90 degree heat and during a few heavy downpours. The volunteers were absolutely outstanding, most had never been on the street before and acted like complete pro’s all day long. The city can sometimes be trouble, people can be very aggressive and angry, anything can happen, but on Cindy’s birthday everything was smooth sailing and we were all being watched over. Even though many of the animal situations were not great, the teams did their best to assist and alleviate many of the problem situations. All the volunteers wore commemorative badges around their necks honoring Cindy. We called it the 1st Annual Cindy’s Wings Pontiac ACN run.

Each team had their own list to work off of and we surpassed our goal of 100 addresses! We actually did 132 addresses/assistance calls and assisted 198 dogs and cats in one day!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this awesome tribute, you guys are amazing!

Happy Birthday Cindy!!!!!


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