July 10, 2013: Good, Happy Endings

It is extremely beneficial and rewarding to have partnerships and relationships with other rescue groups, shelter, organizations and veterinary clinics!! Especially when it comes to finding amazing homes for some dogs and cats that came from “not so good” places.

Here are three examples: Annie, Lucy and Linus………

Annie was rescued by Animal Care Network after she became pregnant by her brother and had puppies on a freezing cold open front porch. We were able to rescue her, only two of her puppies made it. Our friend and supporter Linda Kahn Gale actually fostered Annie and her puppies and ended up keeping Annie, whom she adores.

Lucy and Linus were living in deplorable conditions, the ACN had been trying to get them surrendered for nearly a year. They were skinny, constantly tangled up, and never had any food and water. The day that Kathy went to pick them up their necks were stuck together by the chain and they were choking.

The Michigan Animal Rescue League (MARL) took all of these dogs and after being rehabbed, receiving medical treatment and being spayed and neutered, they were all adopted out to loving homes. They are being treated like they should be, spoiled and loved!

Check them out now! Having their professional photos done, going to the park and going out in public. What a life it is being part of the family.

Thanks to MARL and all these great people for these happy endings!

July 10 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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