July 1, 2013: The Animal Care Network does good work

The Animal Care Network does great work!

If you agree please make a donation towards doghouses, straw, food, gas and the spay/neuter fund so that we may continue this invaluable street work to help the animals.

These two dogs were noticed by volunteers while driving
the streets on an ACN run. As always the addresses were jotted down to be checked.

Both dogs were found to have “not so great shelter”, one doghouse had holes in the roof and the other dog was living in a open garage with a wire crate for shelter.

Upon making contact with the owner, both dogs were spayed and neutered and vaccinated immediately through our program. After recovering and healing from their surgery, new doghouses were provided to both.

These were both new addresses that clearly needed improvement and both owners were totally receptive to having the dogs fixed.

Yes, we want to see these dogs living inside, but this is not the case. Both dogs had decent weight and both had social personalities which is far better than most that we see.

We definitely made a difference at these two addresses and we will follow up on these guys!

July 1 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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