January 29, 2013: ACN history

The ACN is proud of our history and reputation in the community and our ability to form relationships with pet owners, their pets and the community!

The ACN is a valuable asset and source of assistance to the community in our target areas.

We have watched children and pets grow up and in some cases know four generations within one family! We have seen children grow up and now have their own families and their own pets.

Our hope is that we have made a difference within the community and the families that we have encountered.

We hope that we have taught them compassion and caring for their pets and for each other.

We hope that we have educated many and opened many hearts to the plight of the animals in their community.

We hope that we have taught them kindness, generosity and love.

In our travels, not only do we help the animals, we also help the community.

Many of our volunteers also spend time doing other volunteers programs, whether it be for the homeless, seniors, church programs or just doing good deeds for people!

After all, “if not us, then who?”

These group photos were taken eight years ago and here are some current photos of these kids! The last photo is of the same boy in the first group photo with the glasses. This is him and Chunga (the black chow) today, 8 years later!

January 29, 2012 PicMonkey Collage

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