January 16, 2013: Peaches

Peaches is one of our favorite dogs! Fortunately she lives inside the house, was spayed by ACN, eats very well and is very friendly, but Peaches still gets into trouble!

When Peaches is let out to go to the bathroom, she normally does not leave the porch and the yard, EXCEPT when the mail lady comes!  Peaches would follow the mail carrier on her entire route if she was able! Several times we have spotted Peaches on the route and
taken her back home. We explained to the owners that Peaches will not always be so lucky and make it home safely and provided them with a cable to put Peaches on when she is let outside.

The mail carriers in our target areas the best; some of the nicest people in the world. Most of them carry biscuits and also keep the ACN phone number handy for pet owners that they see that need help. They also call us anytime they see an animal that is in trouble or not being taken care of. These carriers and all the utility and social workers are amazing
“eyes” and “ears” for the animals in their community!

Keep up the great work!

January 16 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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