January 13, 2013: Boy Scout Troop #326 helping the animals

Over Christmas the ACN had the amazing opportunity to partner with an exceptional young man, Jacob Thoma from Boy Scout Troop 326, St. Patrick’s Parish in White Lake. Jacob chose to build doghouses for needy dogs in order complete his Eagle Scout project. Our friends from Corporate Auto stenciled the dog’s names on the houses.

As you can see Jacob, along with his fellow Boy Scouts, parents, family, friends and neighbors built ten awesome doghouses and donated them to the Animal Care Network program. Jacob, his parents, the Corporate Auto Team and the ACN set out to deliver some of these doghouses on a Saturday and had an amazing day!

We chose some dogs that are spayed and neutered and that we have known for awhile. The Team traveled from house to house, delivering the doghouses, filling them with straw and leaving the owners with dog food and treats. Everyone was thrilled and this day was time well spent!

We thank Jacob and his team for the hard work put into this project and for choosing to help our organization and some pretty special dogs. Also thanks to the Corporate Auto Team for storing the doghouses, stenciling the names and delivering them.

This was a fun, fine, positive way to celebrate the Christmas season and close out the New Year. Volunteering at it’s best!

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