February 8, 2013: Left behind – ACN rescue

We will never figure out why people move, get evicted, leave their animals behind. How are they supposed to survive, especially when they are chained up or locked up/confined in a shed, house or garage.

There are no excuses for this, there are too many options and resources available: calling animal control, taking the animal to a local shelter, contacting a rescue group. Even asking a friend or neighbor to do so is better than doing nothing and just walking away!

Thankfully a neighbor heard Lola crying and found her tied inside a filthy garage with no food or water, probably for at least a week. ACN responded immediately was able to rescue this friendly dog that was so happy to see someone!

Lola was put into a foster home via our rescue partner where she will be adopted out, once healthy and spayed.

February 8 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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