February 28, 2013: Tika – a senior rescue

Two years ago the ACN met an older dog named Tika that had the beginnings of mammary cancer from not being spayed.

The team convinced the owners to get this awesome dog spayed and they agreed. At that time Tika was living in the house and she was 8 years old.

The ACN always does routine rechecks on dogs and cats in our target area and went back to check on her. To the teams dismay, Tika was now living outside full time on a huge chained hooked up to a large metal tank. She had a shoddy makeshift doghouse, had lost weight and had sores on her feet and legs. The team was
told that they could no longer keep Tika in the house since their basement flooded.

We wondered, what happened to being a part of the family, why must it be either the backyard or the basement. What about the rest of the house? Always a question with no great answer.

The team was quite upset with these conditions and talked with the owners.

ACN rescued her later that day, she is heartworm positive and has cancer from being spayed at such a late age.

Tika will live out her days in a foster home, right now she is feeling good and when that changes a decision will be made.

February 28 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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