February 25, 2013: Michigan Humane Society sterilization program

Let’s give a big thank you to the Michigan Humane Society for including
the Animal Care Network as a partner in “Round Two” of the Pit Bull Sterilization

Last year due to this partnership ACN was able to have 60 owned pit bulls spayed
and neutered in our target areas of Pontiac and Inkster!

The Michigan Humane Society has included dozens of rescue groups in this program.
This allows the rescue groups to assist pit bull owners in focus areas to have
their dogs spayed, neutered and vaccinated at no charge, which could cost potentially
$250.00 plus!

This program will dramatically help decrease the number of pit bull and pit bull like
puppies from being born, suffering, becoming homeless or turned in to local shelters and
rescue groups!

Just in February we were able to have 22 pit bulls spayed or neutered via this program!

Here are some of the programs happy recipients!!!

February 25 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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