February 23, 2013: Bad things happen to good dogs

The ACN volunteers witness so many terrible and heartbreaking situations.

We try so hard to educate people about so many things:

Not leaving animals unattended
Not making dogs live on a chain 24/7
Checking on them constantly if they are chained
Not letting animals run the streets

So many bad things can happen, here are some recent examples:

ACN picked up two dogs which had apparently been poisoned and not taken to
the vet immediately, they were both dying

ACN had two calls in one week about dogs that had hanged themselves, here is a
picture of the chain hanging over the fence after the dog had been removed.
He had hopped on top of his doghouse and jumped over the privacy fence.

This dog was let out to go to the bathroom unattended and came back looking
like this

Please, please keep an eye on your pets and spread awareness about these issues!

February 23 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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