February 12, 2013: We love food donations

A big thank you to Linda Kahn Gale who donated 18 bags of dog food, 18 chew toys and
18 cans of cat food for Valentine’s day in honor of her dogs Willow, Megan and Annie and in
memory of Henry.

Linda says “We hope that our gifts help some dogs and cats stay alive this winter.
In the Hebrew language the number “18” is equivalent to “chai” which means life.
We are blessed that there are people like you on this earth doing this heart wrenching
work. I pray for the day when your work is no longer needed”

Also a big thank you to Bob and Mary Ellen Warner for donating big bags of cat food!

Let’s also thank our volunteers Cindy, Rose and Kim that were out all weekend helping
deliver this food to appreciative pet owners and their dogs and cats!

February 12 2013 100_6547 February 12 - 2 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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