February 1, 2013: Coach

The ACN was contacted about getting “Coach” neutered. The appointment was made and transportation was provided to get him to the vet.

ACN arrived very early on a horrible, cold, rainy morning to pick him up. No one answered the door and the house appeared to be unlived in.

I walked in the backyard and saw him curled up in the POURING rain, by the fence, soaking wet and shaking. No shelter at all. I immediately scooped him up slowly because he was very fearful and brought him to the safety and warmth of the rescue/transport van, which he happily hopped in and snuggled up in a warm blanket.

After angrily calling the owner, found out that they weren’t even living at the house yet because it was being worked on. They stated that someone was going there every day feeding, watering and bringing the dog in at night. I THINK NOT!

Needless to say, Coach was surrendered to the ACN and adopted out by one of our rescue partners, where he will live inside, safe and warm!!

The ACN tries to get as much information as possible from owners, but many times we are deceived and do not get the entire story or the entire truth.

February 1 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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